MX5 changelog

 Functions optimized:
Local picture viewer optimized
Maxnote UI optimized
File format association function optimized
Browser stability enhanced

Bug fixed:
Search engine switching problem related to alias usage
Customized filter failure in ABP
Extension displaying issue on split mode
Snap saved BMP picture cannot open with Photoshop
Right white banner after folding sidebar
Three screens shown after turning on split mode
Abnormal display after maximizing browser
Developer tool closing issue after changing address URL
Extension Inbuilt menu option error on sidebar
Freeze after exiting from split mode
Video play button displaying issue after resuming
Focus lost from address bar after pressing ESC 
Can access Passkeeper offline by using old password after setting a new password
Body text lost after exceeding Maxnote limit
Cannot remember the maximizing status in some situations
User avatar distortion after enter Maxnote in full-screen
Address bar on top in Quick Access page, snap picture by Ctrl+F1, address bar been filled by site
User data not synced automatically by login Maxthon5 using old account created on Maxthon4
Sidebar & status-bar be sheltered after staring up in some circumstances

Bug Fixed:
Fixed freeze under Windows7 system
Fixed display issue on Quick Access
Experience issue on third party extension after upgrading

Features optimized:
Support 178 more countries to register Maxthon account with mobile numbers
Bug fixed:
Freeze during installation
Scroll bar missing for sidebar Maxnote

Functions Optimized:
Optimized Ad blocker’s filter rules auto update 
Better rendering experience when minimize and restore browser window 
Maxnote main UI optimized 
Improved Maxnote data syncing efficiency  
Bug fixed:
Displaying issue for note sync while failed to log in Maxthon account 
Fixed some issues when visiting some particular websites

Bug Fixed:
Fixed Maxthon process occupying CPU problem 
Fixed mobile number registration issue under English operation system

Function optimized:
Extension & Performance optimization _ performance issue after deleting ad block extension
Bug Fixed:
Issue related to mouse gesture
Display error for the right click menu on a web page picture
Language _ fixed some issues related to punctuation marks
Language _ fixed the Ukrainian option problem

Functions optimized:
※Fixed issue on SNS message while registering with phone number
※Fixed layout and UI issues
※Fixed occasional crashes
Bug fixed:
※Maxnote on sidebar function, UI, data refreshing issue
※Cannot remember manually switched render
※Toolbar & tools and add-ons _ settings and UI issues on extensions
※Sidebar & tools and add-ons _ settings and UI issues on extensions
※Language switching issue
※English language formatting issue
※Favicon for Bing search website

New updates:
*Better support Win10 system when switching tabs
*Fixed some translation errors

Bug Fixed:
*Changed address bar certificate pop-up message 
*Maxnote: sometimes cannot drag an entry to other places
*Fixed the opening sequence of new tabs by right click
*Fixed pictures’ quick saving problem in this site:
*Mouse gesture: closing the wrong tab when using mouse gesture to “close tabs to the right”

Functions added in this version:


Functions optimized in this version: 


/Sign-up page optimized: 


Quick Access functions optimized: 


Maxnote optimized: 


Bug fixed:

Functions added:
+ Support HTML5 data list tag
+ Add “send to Maxnote”, “desktop”, “quick app” to right click menu
+ Add traditional address bar
+ Add Direct Write font render switcher
Bug fixed:
* Fixed some entries in favorite bar cannot locate correctly
* Fixed update favorite icon function
* Fixed global mute invalid problem in XP system
* Fixed second monitor flying away problem 
* Fix the compatibility issue when using intranet service
* Open last session when starting the browser from a link outside
* Open a long-named local file causes abnormity in toolbar menu
* Exit from reader mode after continuously read some chapters causes page location error
* Some mouse gestures are invalid in retro mode
* Crashed when printing from Gmail
* Right click function on tab invalid
* Switch language causes crash or freeze on browser
* Under windows 2003 system with double monitor, maximized monitor flies away
* IE pop up a window when saving a filled form
* UUMail has repeated translation

Functions optimized in this updated version:
-On XP operating system, no global mute option in retro mode
-Fixed freeze when signs in with guest account after clean install
-Optimized animation UI during installation
-Optimized pop-up window UI on UUMail page
Bug fixed:
* Private messages do not display for some games

Functions optimized in this updated version:
+ Address bar/search bar added on new tab in full-screen mode
- Start-up speed optimized
- UI for favorite bar and favorite menu optimized
- Compatibility of MHT files improved
Bug fixed:
* In retro mode, UI problem fixed when right clicking a picture to "Add to Maxnote"
* Rearranged the sizes and frames of some icons
* Auto-sync when first sign in MX5, the sync button doesn't spin
* Sequence in the last session is disordered 
* Favorite bar_ open all records in a folder when the focus is on new tab, then the opening sequence is in disorder
* When browser is set in minor languages, pop-up message in Maxnote is misplaced
* Global mute cannot mute sound in retro mode
* Passkeeper_ error message pops up when importing data while there is no data in magic fill
* Smart address bar didn't show favorite items in suggestions
* Page zoom_ sometimes buttons "+" and "-" are invalid
* Private window_ restart browser, viewed pages in private window show in the last session
* Resource sniffer_ resource sniffer window doesn't pop up on the corresponding page
* Split window_ enter and exit personal center. Then enable split window, drag window in left screen to right, there is no active tab in left

Functions optimized in this updated version:
+ Add "close tab to the left" function in tab menu
+ Name of Infobox officially changed to "Maxnote"
+ Language update (es-es, fr-fr, it-it, pt-pt, tr-tr)
+ Right click menu supports "open in private window"
Bug fixed:
*  XP system, right click menu do not support Microsoft Yahei font
*  Flash videos automatically pop-up when continuously play the next episode
*  Txt file opened in browser does not have read mode 
*  File in Google drive cannot be viewed after signing in Google account
*  Misfocus when choosing an entry in Maxnote and open it from Maxnote
*  Maxnote_ right click menu in trash shows in error
*  Address bar_ drop-down menu sometimes cannot withdraw 
*  Select a note and right click move to a folder, the page cannot refresh timely 
*  Favorite menu_ the directory of the dragged folder is invalid 
*  Custom QA, some websites entered cause page crash 
*  XM files exported from RSS are not connected with Maxthon browser
*  Switch tab by ALT+TAB, new tab lost focus
*  A locked tab is not shown after restart the browser
* Drag to change folder sequence in left column, all folder in thumbnail area cannot display

New functions added in this updated version:

+ Can drag window around avatar

+ Support pop up window for non-flash videos

+ Global mute button

+ QA data added when manually import 4.x data

+ Can customize webpage zoom scale

+ Shortcuts in Infobox changed to "My favorited"

+ Favorite bar_ perfect menu function, support display complete Infobox directory

+ Favorite bar_ add "replace with current page" function

+ Infobox_ add right mouse click and multi selection to organize function

+ Infobox_ Add "update site icons" function

+ Infobox_ can add notes in root directory

+ Infobox_ can choose all folders when switching between folders

+ Infobox and favorite bar_ support mixed display between notes and favorites

+ Infobox_ add hover to open in list view

+ Can choose whether or not to display favorite button in settings-view-customize UI

+ Add "clear last session" in clear browsing data

+ Can "duplicate tab" by right mouse button


Functions optimized in this updated version:

- Adjust some details for main UI

- Update English and other languages (fr-fr, es-es, tr-tr)

- Infobox_ optimized interaction for the pinned separate window

- Solved homepage hijacking problem

- Optimized the effectiveness for auto-fill


Bug fixed:

* Infobox_ cannot organize the sequence of thumbnail

* Infobox_ cannot realize print and print preview for text

* Set auto hide task bar, pin and maximize Infobox, cannot use snapshot function

* Multi search_ search bar in new tab disappears after using multi search

* New tab_ can type in different key words in search bar and address bar

* New tab_ click address bar to withdraw search box to address bar, cannot focus on address bar

* Infobox_ folders withdraw immediately after deleting notes or favorites in favorite bar

* Address bar_ history in address bar cannot remember "paste and open" links

* Favorites and notes imported from guest account do not have thumbnail

* Multi window_ CPU usage does not show when showing status bar in the second window

* Fixed the problem of the new tab button disappearing

* Amazon video cannot play

* Netflix video cannot play

* Hulu video cannot play

* Cannot edit for folders with name including A & B

- New functions added in this version:
  + Support customization for proxy and core switch button 
  + Support external tool 
  + Add guest mode
  + Support customization on UEIP data feedback in setting-Privacy & Content
  + Support customization on auto-sync setting
  + Add popup window interception prompt
  + Add new language (Spanish, French and Portuguese) 
  + Support dragging URL in a webpage to shortcut bar and make it favorite
  + Shortcut bar-add “add to this folder” for a folder in shortcut bar
  + Shortcut bar support dragging to manage and organize entries
  + Shortcut bar-support “delete” to recycle bin
  + Add upload traffic calculation in Infobox-menu
- Functions optimized in this version:
  - Animation effect optimization in address bar
  - User interface optimization
  - Cancel popup window for name change from “favorite bar” to “shortcut bar”
  - Passkeeper _ logic optimization for auto-fill
  - Passkeeper_ UI optimization for excessive information during auto-fill
  - Infobox _ optimization for searched result and matched entries
  - Faster data import
  - Optimized multi collection types function in webpage
- Bug fixed:
  * Fixed some crashes
  * Split mode _ enter personal center, exit and activate split more, cannot drag tabs in left screen to right one
  * Quick save images _ fix failure when save Baidu and local pictures
  * Passkeeper _ saving failure for account and password in popup window
  * Password generator _ random failure in some websites
  * Passkeeper _ fix searching logic problem
  * Data import _ it’s very slow to import guest data to MX5
  * Passkeeper _ Passkeeper page freezes when import data
  * Language _ Editing tools’ name in snipping tool displayed in Chinese
  * Password generator _ Position adjustment for some websites
  * Quick access in 4.4 versions not showing after using MX5
  * Download _ fix download problem in Retro mode
  * Setting _ Entertainment and HAHA display in International version and extended page 
  * Solved display issue for super large pictures
  * Personal center _ needs restart to update Nickname after editing 
  * Font rendering _ fail to render customized fonts in Tencent websites, comment area
  * Address bar _ switch search engine by alias, changes default search engine
  * Previous and forward pages lost after restoring some specific recently closed tabs 
  * Right click plus wheel changes mouse gesture color to default one
  * Address bar _ Tool bar compress address bar space in windowed mode
  * Snap _ fail to snap region
  * New tab _ only shows search box and navigation bar
  * Google picture _ cannot upload by dragging picture from desktop to webpage
  * Fix focusing issue in win7 system
  * Fix Youdao Translation extension issue
  * Tab bar _ new tab button disappear randomly 
  * Extension _ unable to use “turn off the light” extension
  * Read mode _ display issue for some content and pictures in certain websites
  * Read mode _ next page in reverse order
  * Lock tab _ cannot lock or unlock a tab when open a new tab
  * Sign in _ cannot sign in when set password with IE proxy
  * Shortcut _ F2F3 functional defect
  * Ad blocker _ Ad blocker icon shows in tool bar even without enabling
  * Solved window disappearing issue in second screen under win7 system 
  * Cannot open local file
  * Infobox popup issue
  * Remember arranged order for notes and favorites in folders
  * Repeated instruction in private and session modes
  * Import data from MX3 in reverse order